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November 2022

Rwanda and UK Governments join IFC to advance Africa cold chain progress

The Rwanda and UK governments joined forces at COP27 to help speed the delivery of innovative cooling technologies in Africa.

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COP27- No time to waste 

BBC Future’s William Park talks to experts about the research & innovation that’s helping us tackle food waste, in a webinar from the Horticulture Quality and Food Loss Network. This webinar took place on 8 Novermber 2022 and was hosted by Cranfield University and BBSRC to accompany the COP27 climate conference.

Disruption to food supplies will be the most immediate and far-reaching of human crises as a result of climate change and environmental damage. Tackling food loss throughout the supply chain, from farm to fork, will help to maximise food security. In this webinar, three experts share food waste science that’s helping to address different parts of the issue.


UN Climate Change Conference 2022 (COP27)

The IIR have organised a side event jointly with the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) for COP27.

Key speakers for the cooling segment: Didier Coulomb (IIR), Yosr Allouche (IIR), Judith Evans (RD&T Refrigeration Developments and Testing Ltd, UK), Toby Peters (UoB-Africa Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Cooling and Cold Chain)

Watch Full segment here

ACES advances Africa cold chain progress through international partnership

The African Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Cooling and Cold-chain (ACES) has announced at COP 27 that it will work with global cold chain provider Carrier to help advance cooling development and training in Africa.



October 2022

“Help us understand priority gaps where ACES can best be of service”

Brian Holuj, Strategic Delivery Lead for ACES on behalf of UNEP United for Efficiency (U4E), overviews the ACES Engagement Day hosted on Friday, 21 October for the GOGLA Forum attendees to further cold chain collaboration.


African sustainable cooling centre appoints General Manager

Morris Kayitare has been appointed General Manager for the African Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Cooling and Cold chain (ACES).



September 2022

Birmingham global cooling summit launches new partnership

Sustainable cooling experts came to Birmingham for a global summit organised by the Centre for Sustainable Cooling (CSC) – taking the next steps towards delivering sustainable and resilient cold-chains in a warming world.



The local to global cold-chain summit

University of Birmingham – 29th September 2022

More than 50 research, industry and government partners from programmes across the UK, EU and Africa are coming together to share their knowledge and discuss research and innovation needs and collaboration opportunities to operationalise sustainable, equitable and resilient cold-chains for food and health globally. The conference aims to encourage engaged discussions, we at the CSC are keen to make it an open-house event to bring together a wide cohort of experts, industry and academic partners. Click the link for the full schedule


August 2022

Clean cold experts’ multi-million funding boost for work in Africa

Experts leading research into sustainable cooling have received a multi-million pound boost for their work in Africa.

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The New Yorker-Africa’s Cold Rush and the Promise of Refrigeration- By Nicola Twilley

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June 2022

COP President Alok Sharma visit for Africa’s clean cold centre shows how we can keep 1.5 alive



May 2022

Sustainable Energy forum 2022



March 2022

Sustainable cooling experts gather in Washington for global food loss summit – University of Birmingham

Global cooling developers have come together in Washington D.C to share ideas, a multitude of expertise, identify links and build the roadmap to sustainable cooling.