Africa Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Cooling and Cold Chain Systems

Sub-Saharan Africa faces up to 50% loss post-harvest, this has both nutritional and economic consequences. The CSC recognises the need to reduce food loss and the increasing demand for cooling and cold-chain, ACES is the epicentre of research, data collection, training, policy support and technology development to meet the global and governmental objectives, based at the University of Rwanda’s Rubirizi Campus.

ACES is a central hub that provides sustainable solutions to cold-chain challenges. Research looks at the entire food harvest, processing storage and distribution explores sustainable, fit-for-market and purpose solutions and business models that ensures quality and safety of food from farm to fork. These models are then applied to other cold-chain service such as vaccines.  The hub will be a central point for research, data collection, training and demonstrations which branches out to specialised outreach centres in Africa including Community Cooling Hubs. 

‘Food saved is as important as food produced.’

Collaborators include the Government of Rwanda (REMA), University of Rwanda, UNEP U4E, CSC, the UK government, the University of Birmingham in partnership with universities across Britain. The centre will coordinate and connect experts from governments, industry, academics and funders, allowing the sharing of knowledge, building of current methodologies, developing technologies, establishing routes for increasing income and ensuring benefits for all stakeholders.


Alliances between Governments, NGO’s, industries and academics, ACES will look to increase food security and empower farmers, paying particular attention to women and youth, both in Rwanda and across Africa through equitable, energy- efficient and Climate friendly cooling solutions fulfilling SDG’s and Nationally Determined Contributions for Rwanda. Programmes will future proof the food systems against climate change and other unforeseeable changes and bring multiple benefits across economic, social and environmental dimensions.