In an increasingly warming world, the Centre for Sustainable Cooling looks to find sustainable, resilient and equitable solutions to global food loss, waste and the delivery of medical services 


Cooling.    Collaborating.   Innovating.   Economising.   


Centre for Sustainable Cooling (CSC)

With climate change causing the earth’s temperature to rise, the CSC proves a hub for academics, technical experts, policy makers, INGOs, local communities and industry experts to come together to resolve heat related challenges with sustainable cooling and cold chain solutions.

The CSC’s advanced processes and collaborative approach looks at every aspect of creating solutions at system level considering the wellbeing of the environment and society.  READ MORE


‘Cooling is the backbone of our society. It’s an invisible industry.’

The local to global cold-chain summit

University of Birmingham- 29th September 2022

More than 50 research, industry and government partners from programmes across the UK, EU and Africa are coming together to share their knowledge and discuss research and innovation needs and collaboration opportunities to operationalise sustainable, equitable and resilient cold-chains for food and health globally. The conference aims to encourage engaged discussions, we at the CSC are keen to make it an open-house event to bring together a wide cohort of experts, industry and academic partners. Click the link for the full schedule